About Us

Two best friend bloggers living in two different cities. Two loves, food & fashion.

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Alex & Emilee

This blog started out as a way for us to stay connected and to inspire each other while we are apart. We figured we might as well share it with everyone else too!


Living in Minneapolis.

I would say that I like classic styles with a pop of something. I dislike any clothing item that is not functional. I will never wear something that you can see my bra when wearing it.

I also think that fashion should be affordable. I own a few designer brand items that I got on clearance but on any normal day my outfit usually is under 50 dollars.

I love food. I am a self taught cook meaning I have no formal training. But, I do not throw cheese on everything like Rachel Ray. I recently made a change in my diet after having gall bladder surgery since fatty foods do not  function well within my body any longer. This has resulted in trying new recipes and learning how to cook in new ways.


Living in Memphis.

If I had to define my style I would say it is girly with a side of nerd.  I gravitate towards floral prints and polka dots but I also love cardigans and my chunky glasses.

I think fashion should be used as an expression of ones personality and to enhance your body type to its best advantage. If you work in a field where you have to dress professionally (like I do) then it is important to find a balance between wearing appropriate work clothing while maintaining your personality.  My fashion goals include finding pieces that work in both my professional and non-professional life.

I have a complete and total love affair with food but I am also very health conscious.  I started watching the food network and cooking channel almost daily a few years ago and I have learned so much by observation that I feel totally comfortable in the kitchen.  Most of the meals I eat are cooked by me which is great since I know exactly what was put into the dish. I am constantly on the prowl for vegetable loaded recipes and unique spice combinations.

How We Met

We met at The College of Saint Benedict in central Minnesota after a college student’s worst nightmare: a roommate switch around. Junior year of college we moved into the west apartments to share a bunk bed without really knowing each other. Little did we know, this would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Realizing our mutual love of theater, cats, Jeopardy, and shoes, we were soon were staying up late chatting and laughing about everything.

Can’t Live Without

Alex: Yoga Pants, Fuzzy Blankets, Wine, Express Tank Tops, and a Huge Purse.

Emilee: Slippers, Sports Bras, Coffee, Flats, and cross-body handbags.

Favorite T.V. Show

Alex: Law and Order (SVU and CI only with Goren and Eames)

Emilee: Mad Men

Reading List

Alex: The Great Gatsby, Invisible Man, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, The Splendid Table: How to Eat Supper, and Veganomicon. Think Like A Chef by Tom Colicchio changed my life.

Emilee: Textbooks (sigh* one day I will read for fun again) and the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.

Always in my Purse

Alex: Notebook, Pen, MAC Lipstick, Business Cards, and 20 things I don’t need in there.

Emilee: Lots of pens, chapstick + lip color of the day, several snacks, and gum


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