Warby Parker Class Trip Minneapolis

Warby Parker Class Trip Minneapolis

I have some serious love for Warby Parker. As an owner of two pairs, I am looking to add a third to my collection soon, very soon. All three will be under the cost of one pair at your local vision store (Sam’s and Walmart excluded).

Warby Parker Class Trip Minneapolis

I say very soon because the Warby Parker Class Trip is in Minneapolis! This is your chance Minneapolis to try on the Warby Parker collection in person instead of ordering try-on pairs from their website.

I am super excited!

I will be visiting the bus on 1340 Lagoon Avenue at Girard Street. They are open from 11AM-7PM each Wednesday-Sunday until September 1st.

For those of you who don’t know about Warby Paker yet. Here are the basics: WP started because the owners decided that eye glasses should be affordable. Seriously, the materials are not that expensive how can this company ‘who shall not be named’ be charging $300+ for a pair of basic eye glasses?

Easy, they have a monopoly. They own all of the glasses stores, manufactures, and get this; the insurance companies. They could charge what they wanted because they own it all.

Check out this 60 Minutes story if you want to see more about this.

So, Warby Parker said, “that’s not fair.”

They now sell full pairs of glasses for $95 if you don’t have a wacky prescription like I do. Mine are $125 and fraction of what they would be if I ordered from somewhere else.

If you want to do a home try-on all you need to do is go on the website, choose the frames, and check out. It is very simple.

I think I have done the home try-on now 5 times.

Do it as many times as needed until you find the frames you like. Then you order them from the website. They come in a nice case with a cleaning cloth.

If you have any issues their customer service is the best. Seriously, the best. Each tweet is responded to, each and every one.

Oh yeah, and for each frame someone buys they give one away. Yes, seriously. Win-win-win-freaking-win with this company.

This is the wave of the future people. Businesses that do good for their customers, do good for the community, and have fun.

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