Beauty favorites: Eyes

Beauty favorites: Eyes
Here are the beauty products I am currently using for my favorite feature: my eyes!
1.  I have dark green eyes which I love to accent with warm, golden tones like peach and bronze.  This Revlon set stays put all day without smudging, and I love how lightweight it is.
2.  For as long as I can remember, I have had dark circles underneath my eyes (which doesn’t change no matter how much sleep I get).  My sister recommended this Clinique “all about eyes rich” eye cream for my problem and what a difference it made!  The circles are much lighter and the skin around my eyes is super moisturized.
3.  It was only this past year I finally switched from an eye pencil to a liquid liner.  While I still use an eye pencil on occasion, I have to say liquid liner looks so much sleeker.  The Revlon color stay pen is easy to control and requires no dipping, so less mess!
4.  I’m always timid about trying new mascara.  Every few months or so, I grab the same mascara I’ve been using for years and don’t even pause to look at the “new” ones.  Recently I had some waiting around to do at Walgreens and naturally I found myself in the cosmetics section.  This lovely purple tube caught my eye and I decided to try it out.  Turns out, sometimes change is good!  The brush discourages clumps and I do like how long they make my lashes look.
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