Wedding Planning, the Initial Stages

This past December, my boyfriend proposed to me.  He popped the question after we saw a show at the Guthrie, which is actually where we had our first date five years earlier.  We were able to celebrate our engagement with friends and family and it was so much fun!  Being engaged has definitely been every bit as wonderful as I imagined it would be.

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Since then, I’ve actually gotten quite a bit of planning done for our spring 2014 wedding.  The very first thing we did, before looking into any venues or locations for the wedding, was make a guest list.  This turned out to be a smart idea because most venues have a maximum capacity; if a place won’t hold all of your guests, you can check it off the list (and you don’t end up wasting the time researching and visiting).

For our wedding, we knew we wanted our ceremony and reception to take place at the same venue and we also knew we wanted the location to be in the heart of the Twin Cities.  I used the website Minnesota Bride to research different venues in the twin cities and I found it extremely helpful.  Not only do they have a full directory of ceremony and reception sites in Minnesota, but they also have pictures from real weddings at each of these sites.  Almost all the venues have really helpful websites that list maximum capacity and other features.  Some of them will put prices on their website, but most require you to call for pricing information.

To stay organized, we made a spreadsheet of our favorite venues that included pricing information, unique features, catering options, and dates available. Also, we did set a budget prior to making decisions about which venues to visit.  Our budge was very detailed and included how much we were willing to spend on a venue, photographer, DJ, wedding gown, tuxedo rental, decorations, food, rings, groom’s dinner, and miscellaneous. After some deliberation, we chose 4-5 sites to visit.  At each site, we made sure to bring a notebook to write down information and we made a list of questions to ask at each site. Our final decision was made based on the price and availability of the date we wanted.

Wedding planning (so far) has been a lot less stressful than I thought it would be. I believe it is because my significant other and I have communicated well with each other, stayed organized, and have realistic expectations about our wedding.  To us, having delicious food, a great location, and a high quality photographer are our top priorities.

For the next several months, I am going to make decisions about the wedding details (decorations, his and her apparel, food, dessert, etc).  Below are some pictures that are inspiring me; you can check our our Pinterest Page to see my full wedding inspiration board.

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I am totally into dresses inspired by the 1920’s which is probably due to the upcoming Great Gatsby flick.  The dress pictured above is so glamorous and detailed, I would love to wear something like that.  I also love a classic navy suit for the groom, it looks so sharp and sophisticated.


For decor, I am definitely wanting a simple and clean feel.  I love this table setting with lush greens, white flours, fancy china, and a rustic table.

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One item I know I will struggle with making a decision is the bouquet.  There are so many directions you could potentially go with a it.  I am completely obsessed with the idea of a brooch bouquet, totally unique and gorgeous.  I also love a classic white bouquet with just a hint of color with pastel pinks and yellows.


For the bridesmaids I would really like mis-matched dresses.  I am strongly considering a pastel palate of colors including blush, mint, and lilac.

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I definitely want the overall theme of my wedding to be rustic glamour: natural elements mixed with shiny and sparkly elements.  These mercury glass vases pair well with a baby’s breath arrangement as does the twinkly lights and branches.


As a bride, I want to have some special detail in my overall look.  I am very inspired by this draping pearl back as well as the floral headpiece.

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I think it would be fun to have a signature cocktail served at our wedding, perhaps a margarita?  I am also on the prowl for a vintage silver cake stand like the one shown above.  I think it looks just lovely with a white cake and some greenery.

I’ll definitely be posting more about our wedding plans as the date gets closer and more details are worked out.  I hope this post has inspired some of you!

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2 Responses to Wedding Planning, the Initial Stages

  1. mndesigngal says:

    Super cool thoughts! I got engaged Nov 30th this past year too! This post has inspired me to write one on my wedding planning too. What would life be like without Pinterest? @MNdesignGal

    • taketwoloves says:

      Thank you so much! Congratulations on your engagement, that is so exciting 😀
      Have you set the date yet? What are you feeling inspired by? And seriously, pinterest is a lifesaver!

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