A sandal for every style

A sandal for every style

I’ll admit, I have lots and lots of sandals with styles ranging from strappy leather to glittery and beaded.  I prefer to have many options for my feet to compliment my outfit of the day.  Even though parts of the country are still experiencing wintery conditions (like Minneapolis) I’m already needing the AC down in Memphis!  That means I’m keeping my feet in open toed and airy shoes for the next 7 months.  Here are some of my favorite styles:


1. Having comfortable and casual sandal is essential!  These metallic gladiator Born ones match everything and you can walk around all day without the dreaded blisters.


2. In the summer time, I love going to the beach, hiking, and going on camping trips.  For all of these occasions, I live in my Teva sandals.  I love this pair because they are so durable but still delicate with thin straps.


3. You know that feeling after you get a pedicure? That one where you want to say: “hey world, look at my feet!!!” Well, I feel similar when I wear my glam sandals.  This pair is like having jewelry for your feet, the perfect way to dress up an outfit.


4. These Minnetonka sandals are so fun and add a pop of color to any outfit.  I also love the fringe detail which is perfect paired with cut off denim shorts and a flowy tank.

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